About Referrals

How Are Our Referrals Different From Other Sites Out There?
Our referral system is built around a philosophy of free referrals, better quality, and friendlier service. We also give you better tools to manage your referrals.

How Many People Get The Same Referral?
We send referrals to a maximum of 4 people.

So there is NO charge for referrals? What's the catch?
There is no charge for referrals. There is no catch. You will not have to pay anything to recieve referrals from Business Consultant Advice.

How Many Referrals Will I Get?
There is no way for us to determine exactly how many referrals you will get. It depends on your location and how many other people are in your area.

How Many Referrals Will Turn Into Clients?
We do not make any types of guarantees as to how many referrals will turn into clients. Professionals with good communication skills and a strong sales and follow up process in place tend to have more success turning referrals into clients.

What Happens If I Get A "Bad" Referral?
We define a bad referral as any referral with invalid contact information, a referral where the person claims they never submitted a request, or a referral where the person who submitted the request is not part of the hiring decision. Occasionally you may get a referral for someone with a low budget or who is not interested in you. While we do not charge for referals, we make every effort to ensure you are not bothered by poor quality leads.

Will I Be Able To See A Preview Of A Referral Before Accepting (Or Declining) It?
Yes. You will know where the person is located and all the information we have gathered about their needs. After you view a referral, you will be able to contact  that person. But keep in mind, you are not guaranteed the work unless your prospect has chosen you over other small business consultants in your field.

How Will I Be Notified When There Is A New Referral?
Emails are sent to people who best match the details of the request. Those people may or may not choose to accept the referral. The emails will contain all the details that were provided to us. Additionally, you may view the status of all your referrals from within your account under the menu tab titled "Manage Referrals". Upon accepting a referral, all the information needed to contact the person will be available.