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Your Growth is Our Mission

As a small business owner, you can't be expected to do it all.  In fact, you shouldn't even try.  You should do what you're good at, and then outsource the other tasks to experienced professionals. As a 27-year serial entrepreneur, I often tried to "do it all myself," but I eventually learned that it's smarter to have other people help me where I'm weak.  Once I learned that lesson, my business grew and grew and turned into multiple businesses.
Unfortunately, there wasn't a website like this available to me years ago when my business was young and needed help.  But now that my businesses are strong, I'm able to give back and help other small business owners by providing this resource for free.  Why would I do this?  It makes me happy to help fellow entrepreneurs!  It's that simple.
Mike Kappel, 

*If you are a business consultant who is able to help small business owners succeed, we want you! You will have access to a free listing in your expertise as well as free leads. No catches. No gimmicks. What are you waiting for?


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